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Track attendance, manage class scheduling, simplify billings, increase parent engagement and deliver the best educational experience ever.
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Make Your School Day Easier


A mobile app that improves the way our school communicates to parents. For us, announcements has never been this fast or efficient.

Soo Teng, Principal

Teachers are used to messaging apps, and Oodlins is like them. No training required, easy to use UI, with more features to engage with parents. Super useful!

Dominic Yu, Teacher

Digitising school documents was made much easier with Oodlins! With the simple and intuitive app, all students are well recorded with greater efficiency.

James Wang, Head of Operations

Instead of spending hours chasing overdue payments, Oodlins automatically send out an overdue reminders for you.

Muhammad Salmaan, Owner

Parents today are time poor. Oodlins lets them connect in their own time, resulting in higher quality engagements.

Yong Yean Hui, Owner

Oodlins has made fees and invoice management a breeze through the mobile phone! Great time saver and efficiency booster for all our parents.

Mason Lim, Owner

School management system to help keep things running smoothly in the classroom.

Making it easier to manage your school efficiently and professionally. Track attendance, simplify billings, send messages, share class materials, and make learning accessible anywhere. Increase parent engagement and save yourself time by bringing all your classroom tools together.

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Simple Attendance and Health Checks

Take student attendance and health checks anytime, anywhere with the tap of a button.

Real-time Communication

Connect and interact will all your parents in one place. The easiest way to keep parents happy.

Paperless Invoice Management

Upload all your invoices for digital access and accounting.

Make your school day easier.

Digital attendance and health checks.

Take student attendance and health checks in seconds, for any class, from any device. Giving you a helping hand with submission and everything you need for compliance.

Updates that parents want.

Get class updates, stay in sync with teachers, and support learning at home. Giving parents the convenience with bookings, photos and videos, paying invoices, and key health information about their child; all in one app.

Tools that teachers need.

Send messages, share class materials, and make learning accessible anywhere. Save yourself time by bringing all your classroom tools together.

“Oodlins gives us a single tool that lets us manage our school through every step of the new normal.”

Make Your School Day Easier

Reliable platform

Oodlins is easy to deploy, use, and manage. With a 99.99% uptime.

Cost-effective than other providers

Leave complex pricing structures behind. Always know what you’ll pay per month with a flat pricing structure.

Lots of support for help

Piece of mind with our dedicated support specialist to help you. You’ll feel the love.

Security and compliance

Keep your data protected and adhere to PDPA act. Your content or data is never used for advertising purposes.

Questions? We’ve got answers.

What is Oodlins for?2020-11-11T12:59:35+08:00

Oodlins is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for preschools and kindergartens. It is a school management system that manages attendance, health monitoring, announcements, and more.

What can I get if I use Oodlins?2020-11-11T13:07:07+08:00

Paperless system that allows your school to keep track of children’s details, attendance, temperature, height and weight, communication, and fees all at one glance. Parents get connected with their child’s activities, school announcements and make payment for this child fees. Your day-to-day operations and business processes can be made much easier.

Is it mobile friendly or I need a laptop to use Oodlins?2020-11-11T13:13:21+08:00

It is a mobile-first system and we’ve designed it for your convenience so you can manage your business no matter where you are.

How many teachers can an account have?2020-11-11T13:13:50+08:00

Unlike other systems that charge a license fee per teacher, Oodlins gives unlimited access to your school, so you can all work together without the extra costs and distractions.

Do you have 24/7 support?2020-11-11T13:14:28+08:00

We do have a self-assistance support section in your account that can be accessed 24/7. For further support, you may contact us through your account.

Oodlins is a very simple system to use. But should you need any help, we’re here for you.

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