How to Post

How do I post something on Oodlins?

To share something to your School:

  1. From admin console section click Posts.
  2. From the top click + New Post 
  3. Add a Title and Message you’d like to share.
  4. You can also:
    • Add a photo or document.
    • Select a schedule.
    • Add reminder.
    • Select a tag.
  5. Choose who can see your Post.  You’ll have the option to:
    • Public: Your post will show up to everyone in your school.
    • Classes: Your post will show up to all the students in the selected class, including teachers.
    • Specific people: Your post will be visible to your selected student(s).
  6. Click Post.

Features to add on your Post:

  • Select post privacy status to be public / classes / private
  • Schedule your posting date and time
  • Add reminder notifications for the parents ( maximum 3 )