How to add in teachers?

How do I invite Teachers into my Oodlins account?

Invite Teacher:

Adding school teachers in to Oodlins app is to allow teachers to take class attendance and share student’s information with parents.

  1. Click on menu button on the top left.
  2. Click Invite Code
  3. Select Teacher’s invite code.
  4. You will see there are several sharing platforms to choose to share the invite code. Select your preferred sharing platform, and
    send the school invite code to all new teachers.
  5. Inform all new teacher to download the Oodlins app from their phone’s app store (example: App StoreGoogle Play)and sign up with school invite code that you have just shared to them.

How do I invite Teacher’s who has an existing Oodlins account?

Add Existing Teacher:

Teacher who has an existing Oodlins account, would like to join your school.

  1. From admin console section click Teachers
  2. From the top click + New Teacher
  3. Insert teacher’s email address and click on search
  4. Type in teacher’s name and click on “send” to complete the invitation process.
  5. Invite notification will be sent to the invited teacher’s email address.

How do I remove a teacher from my school?

Remove Teacher:

To remove the teacher from you school, you’ll need to be either an admin or have access to the Teachers module.

  1. From the home screen click Teachers
  2. Select the teacher to remove
  3. Click Remove confirm