Sign in and set up Oodlins Parent

Sign in for the first time?

To create an Oodlins Parent account:

  1. Download Oodlins Parents apps by visiting your phone’s app store (example: App Store, Google Play).
    or go Google Play Store / App Store and search for “Oodlins Parents”. From here, you can see the app and install the latest version
  2. Open the app and select Create New Account

  3. Enter the signup key that is shared to you be the school, and click Continue
  4. Verify it is your child’s and school name and click Continue.
  5. Fill in you Email, Password and confirm your password, and click Create Account.
    NOTE: Full name is not editable as it is created by the school for their reference.

If you have trouble signing in

Error message What it means What you can do
Student not found The signup key is incorrect or has expired. Contact your school to share a new signup key.
Create Account not clickable The Terms of Service checkbox is not checked. Agree and check the Terms of Service checkbox.