Frequently Asked Questions2020-04-22T23:58:54+08:00

Oodlins FAQ

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from teachers and parents.

What mobile devices does Oodlins work on?2020-04-22T23:50:36+08:00

You can find Oodlins on both Apple and Android devices:

  • For iPhone: iOS 10 and above
  • For Android devices: Android 5 and above


Is Oodlins secure? How does Oodlins safeguard information?2020-04-22T23:47:58+08:00

We understand that it is common for some parents to have concerns over the safety and security of the data and photos taken. Rest assured that Oodlins takes security and privacy very seriously.

 Here are some of the ways we protect your information:

  • Oodlins is an Invitation only network: New members may gain access to Oodlins only through an invitation from an Oodlins-recognized school.
  • Secure HTTPS communications: We use standard HTTPS protocols for secure communication over your computer network.

We do not sell users’ private information to other companies.  To learn more about our policies regarding user privacy, please read our Privacy Policy.

Who can I contact if I have questions regarding Oodlins?2020-04-22T23:41:47+08:00

You can reach out to the school’s administrator first if you require any assistance. If the school is unable to assist, you can reach out to us via two avenues:


How do I update the app?2020-04-22T23:38:39+08:00

Oodlins is constantly enhancing its apps so that we can make it better for you. The latest version can be updated on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Why didn’t I receive any notifications on updates from the school?2020-04-22T23:36:42+08:00

Ensure that all notification options are turned on in the app by selecting the left Menu and clicking Settings.

Additionally, phone settings to ensure that notifications are turned on as well for the Oodlins app.

I forgot my password2020-04-22T22:32:09+08:00

You can reset your own password by clicking on Forgot your password and enter the email you used to register on Oodlins

Where to download the Oodlins Parents app?2020-04-22T22:27:33+08:00

Oodlins is available as an app on your phone. Download the Oodlins Parents app on Android or iOS.

Download on Android click here

Download on Apple iOS click here

  • Oodlins runs on all Android 5.0 and iOS 10 version and above.
  • It also works on tablets.
Is there an Oodlins app for my phone or tablet?2020-04-22T18:14:19+08:00

Yes. The Oodlins app is available for Apple® iOS®, Android, and Chrome devices.

Does Oodlins use any of the teachers’, students’, or schools’ data outside of Oodlins?2020-04-22T17:57:20+08:00

Your content or data is never used for advertising purposes.

Does Oodlins own the student, teacher, or school data in Oodlins?2020-04-22T17:55:56+08:00
No. Oodlins doesn’t assume ownership of any user data in core services. If the center, school or kindergarten decides to stop using Oodlins, we make it easy for them to take their data with them.
Does Oodlins contain ads?2020-04-22T18:14:50+08:00

No. There are no ads in Oodlins. Your content or data is never used for advertising purposes.